Master of Ceremony/ Presenter

Reggae Tech offers Master of Ceremonies (MC), or emcee as it’s pronounced and presenter service. We host your private or public function, event or performance.

Our role is to present speakers, announce speeches, talk to the audience and overall make sure the night runs according to plan.This important is a prestigious role for events such as weddings, corporate functions or performances.But don’t worry, we have the best professionals in the business.

We are responsible for ensuring that your event runs smoothly,

on time and that all important people at your event are introduced in a complimentary, professional manner.

Reggae Tech’s MC and presenters are friendly and have the ability to swiftly adjust to any changes as the need arise to ensure a successful event.

Before the Event we meet with you to organize, confirm the purpose of the event and the planned agenda in detail.

At the Event the task is ours to take your attendee on an enjoyable journey.