Uplighting & Party Lighting


Up-lighting is a great way to transform an everyday room into a fantastic and irresistible atmosphere.  Uplighting’s main function is to highlight any architectural features in the room such as columns and alcoves.  This can make the room appear taller.  This type of lighting can also be used for several purposes such as matching the color of the bride’s dress, lighting up your ballroom’s décor, and adding drama.  Reggae Tech carefully selects the placement and focus of our uplighting. We can transform any venue and give it an inviting, sophisticated and welcoming glow.  We use a combination of RED, GREEN and BLUE to produce an amazing spectrum of colors to ensure that your special event venue has that all important ‘WOW Factor’. Start with tasteful ambient lighting, preselected to match your event’s color scheme.  After dinner, see your guests watch in awe as these lights change color and move to your dance music!


Its party time!!!  Turn any location into a disco with our special dance floor and disco lighting fixtures.  Reggaetech provides a wide range of options for your party theme.  Whether it is a modern futuristic look with special LED Lighting or a 70’s party with disco balls, we will have the party wowed by our lighting effects.


Give your event an extra edge by having your tables glow or change colour in real time.