Easy Ways to Increase Attendee Interaction

Easy Ways to Increase Attendee Interaction

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So what can you do as a planner to ensure your guests is feeling connected? How can you improve their level of engagement? How can you provide a more enjoyable experience?


Build engagement through social media

As we all know social media is a great way to build anticipation before your event, connect during events and create a buzz following your event.  You can use hashtags, handles, and even event specific apps to build an online community around your event. Build anticipation by hosting hangout online or create a Twitter chat using a unique hashtag. Allow guest to interact pre event. Online events surround your actual event can be hosted, before, during or after the event to increase and prolong the engagement of your attendees. This kind of interactions is another marvellous way to connect with your guest. During your event you can provide your speaker’s Twitter handles, create event specific hashtags, and promote the sponsors, vendors or charities through. The opportunities to engage online are endless!


Create Small Groups

Most dread the feeling that come with being in a large formal groups. It is not as familiar and can be overwhelming and daunting for your attendees as they don’t know anyone. Creating small group interactions will help your guests break the ice much easier than what happens at larger events. You can segment the groups based on table seating and number or by the location the attendee are from or age of the attendees. The important thing is to encourage involvement.

Event Cocktail Hour

After a long day at an event a cocktail hour is a great way to have your guest relax at the close of the day’s event. For large conferences this provides the opportunities for a more intimate group setting where you can discuss ideas and build relationships. Having the chance to interact in a more relaxed environment puts everyone at ease and often times generates the best conversations and connections.


Provide a space that encourages Networking

Crowded events space does not encourage guest to build linkage. Guests are preoccupied with balancing drinks and their personal effects while trying to avoid being bumped into when it’s crowded. Properly space events allow quality conversations to take place as guest are comfortable.

Bear this in mind selecting your venue. Use tables, chairs, and space to create a networking area. If hosting a conference as your presenters to visit the mix and mingle area between sessions. To allow your guests to connect with them or ask questions

Question and Answer segment

Providing sessions or panels that are solely dedicated to participation are fantastic way to encourage your attendees to get involve in the conversations.  These sessions provide more value than having presenters speak for hours on end. Because these types of breakout sessions involve the audience, they are more engaging and encourage your audience to be more attentive.

In Conclusion

The mark of a truly great event is how the attendee feel during and following. It should be a good experience. The best way to enhance the attendee experience is by increasing their level interaction. Hope you find these tips useful.

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